Room Parents

Room parents are responsible for class parties and provide support for teachers when needed for large classroom projects and field trips. The following class parties (activities and snacks) are organized by the room parents:

  • Halloween party
  • Holiday party
  • Room parents help the teacher to supply drinks and/or snacks for the following: 
    • ISAT Testing (grades 3-6)
    • Valentine's Day
    • Green Bagel Day
    • Field Day, Mon June 3rd

One parent volunteer is designated as the Lead Room Parent. The Lead Room Parent is the contact person for the teacher, PTO and parents. It is his/her responsibility to coordinate the classroom activities with the teacher. Your child's teacher will contact parents regarding Room Parent sign up.

The PTO suggests using an on-line sign up such as Sign Up Genius. Clink the link below for information.

Kindy Velez, the PTO Volunteer Coordinator, is your PTO liaison. Please contact her with any questions.